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BSI Certified IQ Test (2020)

The 2020 BSI Certified IQ test is the most current version of our online IQ test, devised by IQ experts over years of research. It is perhaps the most accurate online tool designed to measure a person’s intelligence and is more scientific than the Mensa IQ Test.

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Our online IQ test tells you your cognitive strengths and weaknesses and gives you specific advice on how to improve in problem areas. This allows you to improve your IQ score. Researchers have worked diligently to create this simple and easy to complete IQ test. It’s fun, yet highly reliable and advanced.

The BSI real IQ test has 20 questions that measure different elements of intelligence such as Visual Interpretation, Abstract Problem-solving, Pattern Detection, Dimensional Orientation and Critical Thinking.

Your test answers are analyzed and given a score accordingly to the difficulty and category of each question; more complex questions award more points than simpler questions.

This quick IQ Test is timed for 20 minutes, and your score is tallied automatically when you finish the test. Most people will complete this test in less than 15 minutes. The the test cannot be paused after your begin, but you may skip questions and return to them later.

What do I get after completing the IQ test?

After completing the test, you are given an official IQ score, your personalized BSI IQ certificate, and a 16-page report explaining how you did in each category with comparisons to others who took the test. The answers you provide are quickly scored and analyzed based on the difficulty or complexity of the question. Your final IQ score is determined in just a few minutes using BSI's proprietary, advanced algorithm.

The IQ certificate will include your name and unique BSI certification number for authentication.

The IQ report details where you are intellectually strong, and on which skills you may have underperformed. It reliably estimates five sectors of your cognitive ability.

The BSI certified IQ test lets you know your real intelligence quotient and how your real IQ level compares to the general population.

How do you find out your IQ?

Once you have answered the 20-questions in the IQ test, your results are compared with data from other participants who have taken the test, and your score is calculated against the average IQ score of 100.

IQ scores follow a normal distribution of statistical data. Approximately 95% of the world’s population have scores within two standard deviations (SD) of the mean (average IQ score), meaning that 95% of the population within a range of 70 to 130 and 98% are below 131.

Keep in mind that IQ scores are not percentage points. This means that a 50 IQ is not half the cognitive ability of a 100 IQ, as mental ability is not linearly related to IQ.

What is a Good IQ Score?

While Lewis Terman may have conceived the initial concept of IQ score classifications, some of his terms have not progressed with society. This is the BSI Official 2020 IQ Scoring Scale:

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